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Over the years, we have built up an excellent reputation in Cambridge for our olives and this is something that we are very proud of.  We were one of the first retailers to sell fresh olives in Cambridge and the very first on Cambridge Market and we have a very loyal customer base which we greatly appreciate.

We believe that our olives are of exceptional quality and freshness and competitively priced. Many of them are also unique to us with our own special marinades and it is these ones that we are particularly proud of because these are the olives that have attracted a great following of loyal, Emerald Foods "super fans"!  All of our olives are glazed in extra virgin olive oil 

(NEVER sunflower or vegetable oil).  

We look forward to welcoming you to our stall to enjoy and taste our great olives.


Cracked Black Peppercorns, Oregano and Crushed Garlic

Sun-dried Tomatoes and Basil 

Fresh Lemon, Ground Coriander and Crushed Garlic

Crushed Chillies and Freshly Ground Cumin

Feta Cheese Stuffed 

Nocellara del Belice

Jumbo Kalamata 

Anchovy Stuffed 

Garlic Stuffed

Harissa & Garlic 

African Spice
Plain Mammoth Halkidiki
Turkish Black