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                  EMERALD FOODS                                              

We have been established on Cambridge Market since 1993 and like to think of us ourselves as a much loved marketstall, popular with students, locals and tourists alike.

We are particularly well known in Cambridge for our excellent olives, many of which are unique to us and are freshly marinated each morning.

As well as olives, we also sell extra-virgin olive oil, a great selection of herbs & spices, dried fruit, crystallised fruit, nuts, glacé fruit & angelica, seeds, muesli and a vast range of sweet and savoury snacks!  We always do our best to keep our products fresh and exciting and are always on the hunt for new snacks to keep our customers interested and our stall interesting! 

Most importantly, we really value our customers and always strive to offer excellent customer service.  We believe that this, in addition to offering quality products is the secret to our success and we take pride in maintaining this ethos.